Saturday, May 10, 2008

Way, the lost dog, the Daughter and a cat bite

4:30pm work, Thursday

"Dad, I found a dog"
Silence. Forehead on hand, elbow on desk, thinking "No more animals, please!"
"She was lost so I brought her home and she's sick."
"Uh huh."
"But she had a number on her collar for Hornsby vet so I rang it and they said it's one of theirs and to take it there before seven o'clock"
found a dog?"
"Yes, she's sick; her name is Molly"

"How do you know?"

"She's being sick on the floor and she doesn't look good."

"Where are the cats?"

"They're outside. I locked her in."

"So you found a dog, thought it was sick, and brought it home?"

"Yes, it's a Shitzu"


"Will you come home and take it to the vet?"

Sigh "yes, I'll leave soon."

6:25pm Home.

"Cailtin! Come on let's go"

"I'm on the toilet"

"Where's the dog? Never mind. Where are your shoes? Let's get going."

Discussion parallel to the phone call. Organising to leave the house.

"She's so cute!"
"But she's a Shitzu!"

"What did the cats do when you brought the dog in?"

"They ran off but Murphy bit and scratched me"


"I was putting him out and he scratched me and bit my arm"

Shows bandages

"It's swollen here"

"Looks like you're infected, off to the doctor with you."

"It hurts"

"Why would Murphy bite you? Did you tease him with the dog?"

"No! I was just carrying him outside."

Repeat several times.
"But if you just left the door open Murphy would have beat you to it and cleared out by himself?"
"I had to carry him, he was scared."


We take dog to vet, people in the waiting room assume it's ours, the "nurse" checks it over and confirms it's one of hers and that everything will be okay now, thanks. We leave. I'm thinking, great, they'll call the owners and claim a $50 finding fee OR they'll close up at seven then ring the people in the morning and charge $150 for an overnight stay.

8 :30pm SWMBO arrives home.
Repeat entire episode including cat bite.

"It looks infected, remember when you were bitten by Sam? She'll have to go get a tetanus injection."

"She needs antibiotic, possibly a wash inside with peroxide"

Daughter leaves room quietly.

7:45 am Friday morning.

"Come on, you'll be late!"

"I have to take Caitlin to the doctors."


Work, 4:30pm

"Hi Jude."

"Can you pick up the kids?"
"Ummm, not really I have a few things to finish"
"Well, I didn't get into work until quarter to eleven and I had a client lunch so I'm way behind."

"Alright, I'll pick up Angus, take him home. Do you want to meet me for dinner before the concert?"

"Thanks Jude. Yeah, Where?"

Arrangements. (6:30 Pasta Deli at Wahroongah, Concert 7:15pm
Carmina Burana )

6;10pm Friday, On the train.

"I am almost at the station, meet you there."
"I'm at Abbottsleigh getting Caitlin's soccer gear, then I have to take her back home"


"The concert starts at 7:30! If we're late we'll get rotten seats!"

"What can I do, she needs it for the morning!"

"Well why didn't she bring it home with her?"

"She didn't go to school"

"Why not?"

"The Doctor told us she needed to stay home and keep her arm raised above her heart!"


"She has an infection, got a tetanus injection and a script for antibiotics"

So, saving a lost dog cost us a small fortune and at least one traumatised cat.